5** 操 Past Paper 正確方法       【人生】考完 DSE 有咩做?       【大學】三大BBA 優勢比較       【大學】面試必問問題


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    3C         Chemical Reactions and Energy     

1.           Introduction to Enthalpy

2.           Exothermic and Endothermic

3.           Standard Enthalpy Change of Combustion

4.           Standard Enthalpy Change of Combustion Calculation

5.           Standard Enthalpy Change of Neutralization

6.           Standard Enthalpy Change of Neutralization Calculation

7.           Standard Enthalpy Change of Formation

8.           Introduction to Hess's Law

9.           Solving Hess's Law problems by constructing Enthalpy Cycle

10.      Solving Hess's Law problems by simultaneous equation method

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